Food polyethylene pipe Danaplast black

Material: PE-80
outdoor cold water supply
20-110 mm
SSTS EN 12201-2: 2018

Food polyethylene pipe Danaplast blue

Material: PE-80Color: blueApplication: outdoor cold water supplyDiameter: 20-50 mmSDR: 13.6-21Certification: SSTS EN 12201-2: 2018

Food polyethylene pipe Aquaviva blue

Material: PE-100Color: blueApplication: food water supplyDiameter: 16-110 mmSDR 11-26Certification: SSTS EN 12201-2: 2018

Food polyethylene pipe Aquaviva black

Material: PE-100Color: blackApplication: food water supplyDiameter: 20-110 mmSDR: 11-26Certification: SSTS EN 12201-2: 2018

Polyethylene food pipes are used for water pipes through which water is supplied to the population. For production, PE-80 and PE-100 grades are used, resistant to temperature extremes: from -60 ° C to 130 ° C.

HDPE food pipes have such characteristics:

● Polyethylene brands PE-80, PE-100;● Diameter - 16-125 mm;● SDR13.6-SDR21● Pressure row 6 - 16 bar

Danaplast manufactures HDPE pipes in accordance with SSTS EN 12201-2: 2018. 

Food polyethylene pipes have several advantages:

● Not prone to corrosion;● Cheap to maintain;● Have a warranty period of operation - 50 years;● Simple and quick installation;● Hydromechanical shock resistance;● Safety for human health.

Today, our company produces polyethylene pipes under the trademarks “Danaplast”, “Aquaviva”, “Vento”. All products are sold from stock, which guarantees fast deliveries, high quality and attractive cost.

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